The MoRoPlant process

From waste product to recyclable material: With the mobile compact plant MoRoPlant, manure can be efficiently processed into natural fertilizers and process water. The heart of the facility is the decanter of Flottweg. This allows farmers to achieve particularly high degrees of separation in phosphorus and nitrogen.

Livestock farmers, agricultural consortia and farm outfitter are looking for new ways to treat pig and cattle manure in an environmentally friendly and economical way. Above all, the high phosphate and nitrogen content in the slurry is critical for their storage, transport and recycling.

The MoRoPlant separation system offers a simple and efficient solution: it separates slurry into solids and process water before storage. The obtained dry matter can even be sold as garden or scattered fertilizer.

Users who are interested in the separation system also benefit from The comprehensive advice and service of Flottweg. For example, it is possible to obtain an individually tuned test facility in order to determine specific separation degrees and to check the functioning of MoRoPlant in-house. (Flottweg SE) 


System operation

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